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Couldn't understand any terms? Just look into the dictionary for the meaning of any words!

By joining with Our American College you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Our American College. First of all, you should not work to infringe the credibility of Our American College. Any kind of spamming, junk mail posting, posting unsolicited messages, threatening the members, leaving garbage, or any other unsolicited work is quite illegal according to Our American College's policy. Our American College has the full rights to modify/delete your membership anytime—even without prior notification. Our American College is not at all being responsible for the data loss/server problems/data security threat/natural collapse/etc.

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Please enter all the fields so carefully. Understand the fact that the processing will be done manually. If you leave any garbage here, you may not be approved. There is only one chance to register with Our American College. Once if you disqualified with Our American College, at any case you won't be allowed to register with Our American College. So please enter the fields so carefully and correctly.

Also, please use proper capitalization. For example, for the name if you use RAJESH or rajesh, it is wrong. The correct form is Rajesh.

All the fields are compulsory fields.

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  Roll Number(s): You may have more than one Roll Numbers, if you received more degrees (UG or PG) from the American College.
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  Current Address: Include street, city, state, country, pin code etc.
  Phone: Include area code. If you don't have phone, just put NIL.
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  Describe your current position (in detail): If you are working, please describe about your designation, company address, your position to recommend a job to our American College students, etc. If you're unemployed, please describe about yourself, qualifications, expectations, etc. If you're a student, describe about yourself especially your achievements (not marks!), co-curricular activities, etc.
  Could we list your above details (except password & D.O.B.) in Our American College's members page so that other members of the Our American College may know your positions/status? "Yes" is recommended. If you want more privacy, choose "No."
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Following step is just a survey to adjust our profanity filter.

  If you use Internet, it might be for _____
    E-mail   Friendly Chat   Sex Chat/Love Chat    Sex
Education    Business purpose
  Are you OK with the offensive words like f**k, su**, etc. especially in Our American College?
    Yes     No

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Before pressing the Register! button, please double check your entries.


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